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This website is for the customers who shop in our brick and mortar store in Terre Haute, IN.
We are constantly adding new products and have many additional unique items that are not listed on this website.
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Animal Spirits / Familiars
Lead Free Fine Pewter Pendants

This is a partial listing of our lead free pewter jewelry. Many of the items at Herbs and Heirlooms are unique and are of limited availability. Our inventory of jewelry is constantly changing, so be sure and come into the store for the best selection and to see what's new.

Pendants come attached to a legend card
with a 33" long cord.

These Items are Not a Product of or made by Native Americans.

Brother Bear is the closest of our spirit relations, or so the Native Elders taught. They are the only animal on Turtle Island (the Americas) who can stand on two legs. Through their hibernation, they teach patience. They are loving and defensive of their young, yet they have a ferocious side. They live on fruits, berries, roots, and even fish. Their spirit lesson is that of resourcefulness. They live on what they find, wherever they happen to be. They live for the moment, and are playful by nature. Their essence, as our relative, is seen as a male entity and spirit contact. It's warrior spirit gives guidance to both men and women. 1 1/2" height X 3/4" width.

The Buffalo is one of the most important and honored of all the four-leggeds on Turtle Island (the Americas). The Buffalo gives it meat and hides to the people that they might live, but it's also tied up with their bond to the truth, that they might grow.
1 1/2" height X 3/4" width.

The Butterfly is one of the gentlest and quietest spirit guides, but it's message is one of the most powerful. Just as the Butterfly was once a caterpillar, so also the inner beauty that illuminates one's people is a process of transformation. As just as the caterpillar becomes a butterfly without trying or even choosing it, so also people must be gentle on themselves, and only do the right thing as they find it, and in time, each person becomes the higher being that living on this earth makes of them. The Butterfly teaches us to find a sense of appreciation for this world, even though many of its joys are short lived, just as the butterfly's life.
1 13/16" height X 3/4" width.

Brother Coyote is one of the most mysterious of our spirit guides. He is a trickster by nature. His night time ways and eerie howls make him diffucult to locate in the night, even though he might be just a few feet away. Coyotes are smart. They can stalk a camp and steal every morsel of food they can find without making a sound. They grow up in families, but mature into solitary animals. The Coyote teaches humans through surprises, one of the ways we learn the best. His decisive ways and stealth are traits warriors do well to learn.
1 1/2" height X 3/4" width.

The Eagle is one of the most powerful spirit helpers/guides. It's meaning, as a living symbol, is almost too deep to be put into words. The eagle is the awareness of the people; the one who sees from the highest perspective. The eagle feather is a sign of bravery, and also of spiritual work. It is never supposed to touch the ground, just like wise leadership within the tribe was never allowed to falter. The Elders saw fit to say that it was Brother Eagle to whom we send our voices in prayer and that he is the one to carry them, on his back, to the Creator; Wakan Tanka, the great mystery. The Eagle, with its sharp-eyed awareness and riveting eyes is the place where the minds of the Creator, the Human Beings, the spirit world, and the realm of our animal relations meet. 1 1/2" height X 3/4" width.

The Hawk is truly a warrior. It's skill in hunting is as though it were an arrow fired from some spirit power. It's feather is a symbol of entry onto the medicine path, where attention and focus are as important as they are on earthly trails. The Hawk is a spirit brother, and its guidance is that of a warrior. The Hawk inspired passion in warriors, and many warriors got their names from him. Its speed and dexterity in flight, combined with its elegant hunting skills, made it a spirit contact to be prized by any warrior or hunter. The Hawk is alive and free, just as the people want to be. 1 1/2" height X 3/4" width.

Sister Hummingbird is a joyous spirit guide. Her speed and dexterity in flight seems to express more than just her need to find food. Sister Hummingbird is the spirit messenger of simple joyousness and exuberance and teaches not to take things too seriously. She reminds us that the road to maturity is a muddy one, and that we need to forget the pains that teach us our deeper lessons, and simply be as we are. Her powers are feminine, even though many warriors chose to accept a bond with her as a power that protects in battle. 1 3/4" height X 3/4" width.

The Lizard is a spirit messenger and guide who teaches us the value of solitude and stillness. The Native American Elders knew that stillness and unbending attention could open up a person's consciousness. If a person stares at anything long enough, as does Brother Lizard, their vision will break down, and they will see a different world. This practice, easy to understand, but very diffucult to do, is one of the paths a person can take to become a medicine man or woman. 1 3/4" height X 3/4" width.

Raven is a spirit messenger and bringer of gifts. For some tribes, his voice is an omen of warning, for others, it's a harbringer of change. For still others, Raven is a sacred contact that can carry prayers upwards. Raven is a little trickster, and has the weakness of greed. Raven's voice tells us not to take ourselves to seriously, have patience, not worry, and don't complain. He knows there will always be food and the dark clouds will pass. Ravens look at us humans, so worried about how things will go, and just laughs. 1 3/4" height X 3/4" width.

Brother Turtle is a spirit guide who teaches us to live in more than one world. Turtle lives in the water and on land. It moves slowly, so it never goes far from the water. Turtle can also retreat into itself, under its own shell. The lands of the Americas are called "Turtle Island". The legend is that all its lands rested on the Brother Turtle's back. The animal the Native American Elders saw as being strong enough to carry the weight of the earth was Brother Turtle. His strength and longevity seems a good metaphor for the powers of Mother Earth.
1 3/4" height X 3/4" width.

Brother Whale is a spirit messenger of strength, power, and gentleness. He travels in groups, and the warmth of his family life is easy to see. Each group of whales follows a yearly migration, like the wanderings of the Plains tribes through the seasons. Like people, they express themselves through song. Being a creature of the oceans deep, Brother whale teaches us to reach to the depths of our spirits in exploring human experience, and also to come up to the sun for breath when we need it. 1 3/4" height X 3/4" width.

Brother Wolf is a warrior animal, and its spirit teachings are those of a warrior. It teaches reliance on those around you when accomplishing things in the world, but also to travel alone. The wolf is a messenger of community and of selfhood. As a spirit guide, it will counsel you about how you are relating to others, using, as do all spirit guides, your own still, small, voice within. The wolf teaches solitude and loneliness, community and crowds, and the mysteries of Self-and-other. 1 1/2" height X 11/16" width.

Power Amulets

These Items are Not a Product of or Made by Native Americans.
Spirit Rider

Let the spirit rider guide and protect you as you travel along your mystic journey. The spirit rider is a symbol of mystery and discovery, leading you toward deeper insight into yourself and others. This 1 1/8" amulet, made of lead-free pewter, is intended to invoke these aspects of the spirit rider and evoke them in your own life. A black satin cord is included with this amulet to wear it upon.

Stag is a powerful totem of life, wisdom, and virility, promoting strength, grace and courage. Sharpen your senses and increase your appreciation for the world around you with this 1 1/8" lead free pewter amulet, strung on a black satin cord.

Let the Bear teach you all there is to know about healing and dreams, guiding you toward a life in balance with your surroundings. Bear is a symbol of introspection, vision and strength. This 1 1/8" amulet, made of lead-free pewter, is intended to invoke these aspects of the great bear spirit and evoke them in your own life. A black satin cord is included with this amulet to wear it upon.

Let the Buffalo aid you in manifesting your desire for success and riches, helping you to pay attention to all the possibilities the universe has to offer you. Buffalo is a symbol of peace and togetherness with all things. This 1 1/8" amulet, made of lead-free pewter, is intended to invoke these aspects of the great buffalo spirit and evoke them in your own life. A black satin cord is included with this amulet to wear it upon.

Let the Ram break down the barriers that stand in your way and lead you into a new beginning. Ram is a symbol of power, fertility, determination and good luck. This 1 1/8" amulet, made of lead-free pewter, is intended to invoke these aspects of the great Ram spirit and bring them into your own life. This amulet comes with a black satin cord to wear it upon.

Let the Cougar lead you down a more mystic path, guiding you safely through the darker powers within yourself. Cougar is a symbol of honorable leadership, cunning and noble savagery. This 1 1/8"diameter amulet, made of lead-free pewter, is intended to invoke these aspects of the great cougar spirit and evoke them in your own life. A black satin cord is included with this amulet to wear it upon.

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