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Earth Mother
Lead Free Fine Pewter Pendants

This is a partial listing of our lead free pewter jewelry. Many of the items at Herbs and Heirlooms are unique and are of limited availability. Our inventory of jewelry is constantly changing, so be sure and come into the store for the best selection and to see what's new.

Pendants come attached to a legend card
with a 33" long cord.

These Fine Pewter Pendants are Made in the USA.
Spiral Goddess

The spiral is a symbol of the upward development of the human spirit. The Woman, with her hands above her head stands for the act of drawing down energy from the cosmos above, especially the moon and the stars. Together, these two powerful symbols evoke the feeling of a prayer to the eternal feminine powers that reside in the heavens overhead; a prayer that one's spiritual potential be realized, and that one should be an instrument of nurturing and healingf, of help to the whole of one's people. 2 7/16" height X 5/8" width.
Venus of Willendorf

The Venus of Willendorf is a mother-goddess. She symbolizes the nurturing and support that motherhood creates. To many, she is the symbol of life itself, and the creative side of womanhood. 1 9/16" height X 9 1/16" width.
Fertility Goddess

This pendant shows The Great Goddess in her manifestation as the Generatrix, Creatress of life. Her head, breasts, thighs, and buttocks are shaped like eggs, symbolizing her fecund power to create life itself. 1 3/8" height X 9/16" width.
Great Mother

The Great Mother is the reservoir of fertility, nurturing and growth. She is the principle of life herself, and the protector of women. She is the vigor of chaste girlhood. She is the fecundity of motherhood, and she is the wisdom and clarity of grandmotherhood. She is the most ancient spirit of the world, and the very source of compoassion. 2 1/8" height X 1 3/8" width.
Nile Goddess 508
Nile Goddess

This Goddess is from the earliest period in Egyptian history, before the time of the Pharaohs. Her arms are upraised in prayer to Sirius, the brightest star in the heavens. The first day that Sirius star appears in the night sky starts the flooding season along the Nile River, the life blood of Egypt. The prayers of the Nile Goddess to Sirius assures that the people of the Nile will have another bountiful agricultural year. 7/8" diameter.

Ishtar is the ancient Middle Eastern Goddess of nourishment and motherhood. Some of her names include: Mother of the Fruitful Breast, Humanity's Guide, Mother of the Gods, River of Life. 1 7/8" height X 1" width.

Hathor is an Ancient Egyptian Goddess. She was revered as much as Isis and was given many identities. She could be shown in human form, as in this pendant, to represent her as the goddess of love, beauty and music; or as a cow, to represent her role as the goddess of fertility. Here she plays the role of a goddess of healing. 1 3/16" height X 7/8" width.

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth and beauty. She is seen standing on a Lotus, which symbolizes purity, as well as holding two Lotuses in two of her four hands. One of the other hands is raised in the gesture of dispelling fear, while the remaining hand is in the gesture of bestowing gifts. 1 1/4" diameter.
Macha, Celtic Earth Goddess

Macha is a fertility goddess who actually was worshipped in Ireland by the Picts before the arrival of the Celts. She is shown here with a mountain over her head, the mountain being a traditional symbol of richness of the Earth. She is also shown with three glyphs that stand for the three aspects of the Great Goddess. They are; the Maiden which stands for innocence, the Mother which stands for motherhood, and the Crone which stands for wisdom. 1 3/8" height X 1 1/16" width.
Columbian Shamaness

This pendant depicts a pre-Columbian amulet showing a woman healer. Her rattle is a tool she uses to guide people to the spirit realm. Her headdress shows her power, and when the people see it, they are reminded that a woman of power walks among them. 2 7/8" height X 7/8" width.
The Snake Goddess

In the lore of ancient European cultures snakes do not die, but merely shed their skins, their outermost parts. Their inner being never dies. It is a metaphor for eternal life, and the teaching of rebirth. This happens, it was told, under the ground in the Womb of the Mother Earth. This symbol is one of the most popular images in modern women's spirituality. 1 3/4" height X 1 1/16" width.

Luna is the Latin/Roman name for the Moon Goddess. The moon, waxing and waning, seems to echo the monthly changes that women experience. Its silvery beauty seems to rhyme with the silent essence of feminity. For all its immense power, the moon is silent, and this, also, seems to find counterpart in the special spirituality that is the birthright of each woman. 1" diameter.
The Goddess Labyrinth

This goddess is for every mother's daughter. Each woman carries at her center, a throne room where a delicate and poignant stillness is reigned over by a breathtakingly tranquil Empress. To come to her court, one must traverse the Holy Labyrinth. To reach the center, the novitiate must first ride a horse, then a cart, and finally a boat. When the cuirrent stops, and the boat comes to rest, there will be her dias. The Goddess of the Maze may not be named as other Goddesses are, for so deep is her peace that the sound of her name would break the very silence where she is found. At the center of the labyrinth. 1 11/16" height 1 3/16" diameter.

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