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Faces of The Goddess
Lead Free Fine Pewter Pendants

This is a partial listing of our lead free pewter jewelry. Many of the items at Herbs and Heirlooms are unique and are of limited availability. Our inventory of jewelry is constantly changing, so be sure and come into the store for the best selection and to see what's new.

Pendants come attached to a legend card
with a 33" long cord.

These Fine Pewter Pendants are Made in the USA.
Four Directions Goddess

The Goddess has many faces, and while She appears in each woman, She also manifests as the Earth itself. The Square Spiral is a deep and subtle symbol, which the Goddess holds over her womb. It's four corners stand for the four pillars of the Earth; its four corners, and its four sacred directions. The spiral stands for the journey to the center. In this, it points to the path to understanding and realization. To the Goddess, life is a movement in and out; towards the center and then back to the outside. Nothing is ever higher or lower to the Goddess, who judges nothing. 1 1/4" height X 1/2" width.
Goddess of Earth and Sky

The womb is the source of life. In its spacious confines, the boundary between self and other is broken down, as each new life begins there. Just as plants and vegetables grow from the ground, so also does human life originate in the womb. And so to focus on the womb, with arms held overhead, is to invoke a meeting of earth and sky within one's self, even if only for an instant. 1 9/16" height X 7/16" width.
Goddess of Plenty

The Goddess has many faces, and while she appears in each woman, she also manifests in the very food we eat; in all the abundance of the Earth. The Goddess of Plenty is also the Goddess of Growth through the cycle of life. In one of her faces, she feeds the people's stomachs. In another, she feeds their spirits. To her, they are one and the same. 1 13/16" height X 7 /16" width.
Moon Goddess

In almost every culture the moon is a woman. The monthly cycles of the moon seem to show the monthly cycles of women as though in a sacred mirror. Each month the moon goddess paints the face of the moon each month with same picture; over and over. And the theme of that picture is the power of women and the sacredness of the energy that each woman carries in her womb. The crescent moon, set against the stars, echoes each woman's unique sense of herself, even as she lives as only one person among many. In many cultures, arms held over one's head is a posture of prayer. The hands seem to reach toward the higher; toward the stars, thye moon and planets, and toward the infinite reaches of space. It expresses a longing toward something that lies without; toward the larger universe in which we live. Although this posture reaches outwards, the longing it expresses finds fulfillment by looking within. 1 5/8" height X 3/8" width.
Goddess of the Womb
The Priestess

The Priestess of the Goddess is also a Goddess unto herself. She prays before her people, reminding them of their higher good. Her upraised arms invoke the feminine sky, while her dress, ornamented with the tendrils of vines, reminds us of our connection to the earth from which they grow. The vine is a symbol of prosperity, stability and fulfillment. The body of the Goddess is both the fruit and the earth from which it grows. To pray to the gGoddess is also to become the Goddess, and so the priestess must be an example of transcendence before her people. The Goddess is the mother of each living thing. Her priestess cultivates love and compassion for those around her as though each person where her own child. 1 9/16" height X 7/16" width.
Lotus Goddess

Each woman begins her life as a child, just like a lotus seed. Her growth into womanhood is like the stem reaching out toward the light and her becoming a mother is like the opening of the flower. At last, the Lotus flower creates her seed, and the woman becomes an elder. The life cycle of the Lotus is also the story of the unfolding of human spirituality. From the depths of materiality, the mud at the bottom of the pond, awakens the spiritual urge to rise towards the light. When the plant reaches the surface of the pond, it finds another world, as it is transformed from a long stalk to a pristine open flower. The opening of the flower represents the perfection of human consciousness. 1 5/8" height X 5/16" width.
Victory Goddess

Here the Goddess holds the horns of a bull over her head. The bull is a symbol of masculine power and energy. He is the consort and spirit familiar of the Goddess, both her son and her father. And beyond all of these roles he is her mortal enemy. When the horns are removed from the body of the bull, the bull dies. The Goddess holds the horns above her head both in reverence for them as a sacred object, and also as a gesture of her feminine victory over the masculine power of the god. In many myths, the Goddess takes on a terrible form to vent her rage at the god who offends her or threatens her children. Holding the horns above her head, the Goddess shows women what their power can accomplish. 1 9/16" height X 11/16" width.
Goddess of the Waters

The Goddess of the Waters has depth, darkness, and currents only she herself knows. On the surface, she is constantly in motion. Untold secrets lie in her depths. In this, she mirrors the character of every woman. Most of her waters are never touched by the light of the sun, yet her body is home to countless living beings. She lives in part, through the beings that live in her. Although she is complete and whole unto herself, her vast and fluid skin still absorbs the air and the light from the world around her. 1 1/4" height X 5/8" width.

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