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Gazing Balls

Vintage Booklet by
Dr. D. Jayne & Sons, Inc.
C. 1935

A gazing ball is probably the most used divination tool for scrying, a practice that involves seeing things physically in a medium for purposes of divination or fortune telling. It is also known as a shew stone.

These gazing balls are made with reconstituted quartz. Since they are made of natural crystal quartz,
 they have the same properties as any natural quartz. Used by magicians, gypsies, fortune tellers and
others for fun, mystery and contemplation. They also make beautiful showpieces and are used extensively
 in Feng Shui for crystal energy in the home or office.

These beautiful gazing balls are very clear and virtually free of distortion or bubbles.

Each gazing ball is handmade so color and sizes may vary slightly.

Each gazing ball comes with a stand (stand designs vary, wood, metal, etc.).
Alexandrite / Lavender
Size Choices
Size Choices
80mm     $44.95

Size Choices
Size Choices
Size Choices
40mm     $19.95

60mm     $24.95

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