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This website is for the customers who shop in our brick and mortar store in Terre Haute, IN.
We are constantly adding new products and have many additional unique items that are not listed on this website.
If you have never visited our shop or haven't visited in a while, come in and browse, you will find it's worth the trip.


Plain Chalice

Simple, elegant, and unadorned this plain, silver-plated ritual chalice is a wonderful addition to any home or altar space. No matter your denomination, spirituality, or practice, it can be used as a cup for offerings, symbolism, and other ceremonial and ritual practices. Standing approximately 7 3/4" high, it is created in the classical chalice design with a wide cup flaring out before narrowing again slightly to the cup`s mouth, all set upon a delicate stem rooted in a wide base. The whole thing measures approximately 2 3/4" wide at its widest point.
Triple Moon Chalice

Perfect for your rituals and ceremonies celebrating the Goddess, this elegant chalice depicts, both on its front and back, the symbol of the triple moon. Aside from this representation of the waxing, waning and full moon, its graceful surface is entirely free of ornamentation. With a narrow, 2 1/2" diameter mouth that flares out to approximately 3" in diameter at the widest portion of the cup, it then flares down to an even narrower 1" diameter just above the slender stem. This stem in turn tapers delicately to the wide base, which measures approximately 2 3/4" in diameter, creating an 8" tall, silver-plated chalice that is an elegant piece for any
Triple Moon Chalice

Brass Chalice

This unadorned brass plated chalice is perfect for decorational, functional, or religious use. As it is without etching, it`s perfect for those of us who keep altars but follow a non-traditional path, or those who require a bit of discretion. Food and drink safe due to the silver plating on the inside of the cup, this chalice had become a favorite for many people at weddings and handfastings as well. This chalice measures 7 1/2" tall and 3 1/2" wide with gentle flourises gracing the stem that holds its cup aloft.
Pentagram Chalice

This silver-plated brass chalice bears an interwoven pentagram engraving on opposing sides. Standing 8" high with a smooth stem, this chalice is perfect for altar or decorational use. Food and drink safe, it is also easy to clean with any household silver polish. It measurse approximately 3" in diameter
Pentagram Chalice

This simple, yet elegant, silver plated chalice has a double-ringed pentagram engraved on opposing sides. The pentagram is a potent occult symbol often thought to represent the four elements ruled by spirit, or the divine. The second ring enclosing it can mean a wide range of things, perhaps most commonly denoting an outer realm of wisdom and knowledge or a degree of study and achievement within some sects of Witchcraft. It stands 6 1/4" high, with gentle ribbing down a third of its stem.
Small Pentagram Chalice

A pentagram is engraved on opposing sides of this food and drink safe chalice. It is silver plated and easily cleaned using common silver polish. Standing 5" high, with its spiral rope styled stem, this chalice is perfect for altar use or even just for decoration.
Pentagram Chalice

Pentagram and Triquetra Chalice

A wonderful piece for your rituals and altars, this chalice depicts an interwoven pentagram superimposed over top of the three points of a triquetra. This combination of mystical symbols blends the representation of the four elements ruled by spirit with the three faces of the Goddess; the maiden, mother and crone. Other than this design on its front and back face, the chalice is otherwise largely unadorned, with a wide, 3" mouth that tapers down to 1" in diameter near the base of the cup, which sits upon a beveled stem and a 2 1/4" diameter base. All of this stands approximately 5 1/2" tall, making it good for those without a lot of altar space as well as any others who would enjoy this magical tool, rich with symbolism.
Triple Goddess Chalice

This simple, silver plated chalice has a triple moon engraved on opposing sides. Approximately 6 1/4" tall, it includes the subtle contour of ribbing that runs down half the length of the stem. This offers a textured grip, helping it fit more comfortably in your hand than some narrow-stemmed chalices. Perfect for home altar use, or even just decoration, the chalice is food and drink safe, it can also be used for any beverage you choose.
Triquetra Chalice

This is a shorter but broader silver-plated chalice with the celtic symbol of endlessness; the triquetra, engraved on opposing sides. approximately 6 1/4" high with gentle ribbing along the stem, and a slight curl to the lip of the cup. This is a very decorative piece for altar use or as a personal chalice. Food and drink safe.
Small Triquetra Chalice

Captured in miniature, this altar chalice is absolutely enchanting. Silver-plated, it presents a stem delicately engraved with a repeating pattern that provides a contoured, non-slip surface as well as an elegant appearance. The cup itself is of the common design, almost appear to be an upturned bell and upon both its front and back face you will find a triquetra skillfully engraved. The whole design measures only approximately 5" tall, and is only 2" in diameter around its widest point, the rim.
Celtic Knot Chalice

With only a glance, you can see that this intricately patterned chalice is perfectly suited for your magickal ritual and study. Standing approximately 7" tall, it is styled in the same fashion as those seen in the churches, cathedrals and feast halls of medieval Europe, with a wide, bell-shaped cup set upon a flaring stem and a wide base. The cup, possessing a 3 1/4" mouth, is decorated in an image of sweeping angles and arches, creating a cross pattern within an intricate, gothic design. This is complemented by the similar, sweeping patterns that decorate the chalice`s wide, 3 1/4" base.
Small Brass & Silverplate Pentagram Chalice

This delicate chalice provides an elegant solution to those who need such a tool for their altar but simply do not have much space to store it. It stands at a height of only 4 1/2" tall and its base has a footprint of only 1 3/4" in diameter. This small size does not take away from its elegant craftsmanship however its silver-plated cup offers the engraved image of an interwoven pentagram on both its front and back, while the 2 1/2" stem displays the natural brass, and flares out at the base of a cup presenting a design that almost resembles the petals of a flower. With such decorative flourishes, this is certainly a fine piece for any altar.
Pentagram Inside Chalice

This unadorned, open-mouthed, silver plated chalice has a highly detailed interwoven pentagram engraved in the bottom of its drinking cup. The diameter of the cup is approximately 3 3/4", and it had some gentle ribbing between stem and cup. Food and drink safe, the pentagram can be seen through most beverages, perfect for altar or personal use.
Greenman Chalice

This wonderful chalice has been sculpted from cold-cast resin so as to appear to be intricately carved stone, covered in the leafy vines and foliage that accompany the presence of the Green Man, whose face appears in the sides of the wide cup. Appearing as a man with a beard, eyebrows and hair that sprouts in the form of leafy vegetation, he is a powerful symbol of rebirth, and nature`s raw ability to grow and change. Measuring approximately 7 1/2" in height, it features a wide 3 1/4" base and a 3 3/4" cup. The cup is actually made of stainless steel, and can be removed from the outer, decorative chalice for ease of cleaning to help you preserve your chalice for ritual and ceremony.

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