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Before True Wine Yeast Was Readily Available to Wine Makers, This is the Yeast Most Commonly Used - Bread Yeast.
Its Flavor Profile and Alcohol Tolerance is Not as Good as True Wine Yeast, But it Did A Good Job On Turning Fruits and Grapes into Wine.

Vintage Red Star Metal Can. Circa; Early to middle 1900's.

Wine Yeast

Wine Yeast

Packaged in a foil packet. Enough for up to 6 gallons batches of wine.
Red Star Wine Yeast
Lalvin Wine Yeast
All purpose. For producing full bodied red & white wines.
K1V-1116 (12-14% alcohol tolerance)
All purpose. For producing wines from grapes and fresh fruit.
Pasteur Champagne
For producing white wines, some red wines, fruit juices & to restart stuck fermentations. Not commonly used for sparkling wines.
RC-212 (12-14% alcohol tolerance)
For producing red wines of smooth character & rounded structure.
Cote Des Blanc (Epernay2)
For producing red, white, sparkling & non-grape fruit wines. Slow fermenting.

71B-1122 (14% alcohol tolerance)
For producing wines with a fruity aroma. Ideal for concentrates.
Premier Cuvee' (Prise De Mousse)
For producing red wines, white wines and champagne & to restart stuck fermentations.
ICV-D-47 (15% alcohol tolerance)
For producing superior quality white wines. Ideal for dry & fruity white wines.
Also ideal for honey wines.
Pasteur Red
Encourages development of varietal fruit flavors, balanced by complex aromas when using grapes from the Cabernet family. Good for all grapes.
EC-1118 (18% alcohol tolerance)
For producing all white wines, sparkling wines, ciders & to restart stuck fermentations.

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Vintage postcard postmarked 2/12/1913
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