Vintage Postcard of the Copper Kettles at Miller Brewing Co.This is Where the Malt and Hops are Boiled Together to Extract the Bitterness, Flavor and Aroma of the Hops.
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Vintage Postcard of California Hop Wagon with Hop Vines Growing in The Background.
Pelletized Hops
Vintage Package
of Hops  Ca. 1930's

A. A. U. listed below are approximate.
A. A. U. varies with each batch and will be stated on each package.

Hop Pellets
Whole Hop Flowers (Cones)
Growing on the Vine

Hops are packaged in a light resistant, nitrogen flushed N2 HopPack™ to minimize oxidation
and ensure an ideal storage environment. 1 ounce per package.

Amarillo (USA) 7.2% A.A.U.

Relatively new hop that was discovered as a mutation by a grower. Used for general kettle and aroma. American style Ales.
Cascade (USA) 6.3% A.A.U.

Derived from a cross between Fuggles and the Russian hop Serebrianker. Good for flavor and aroma, but an acceptable bittering hop. Ales and Lagers.`
Centennial (USA) 8.5% A.A.U.

Selected from a cross between Brewer's Gold and a selected USDA male. Medium intensity aroma with floral and citrus tones. Very balanced hop, used for all U.S. Ale styles, including U.S. Wheat beer.
Challenger (UK) 8.9% A.A.U.

Cedar, green tea and sweet floral characteristics.
Chinook (USA) 11.4% A.A.U.

A cross between Petham Golding and USDA Select Male with a mild to medium heavy spicy, distinct piney aroma. Strong bittering ability. Used for all American lagers and ales.
Citra (USA) 11.1% A.A.U.

A new, moderately-high acid cross between Hallertau Mittelfreuh, U.S. Tettnanger, Bavarian, Brewers Gold and E.K. Golding. Very fruity. Used in Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA and strong American and Belgian ales.
Cluster (USA 7.9% A.A.U.

Excellent general purpose hop with medium and well-balanced bittering potential and no undesirable aroma properties. Good for dark beers. Used for bittering light and dark lagers. Good flavor.
Columbus (USA) 14.4% A.A.U.

Relatively new variety becoming increasingly accepted. Used for bittering mainly, good flavor. IPA's, Pale Ales and Stouts.
Falconer's Flight (USA) 10.8% A.A.U.

Distinct tropical, citrus, floral, lemon and grapefruit tones.
Fuggle (USA) 4.5% A.A.U.

Traditional aroma hop, appeared in 1875 England. Also known overseas as Styrian Golding. Used for finishing, dry hopping. English Ales, especially Pale Ales, Porters and Stouts.
Hallertau (Germany) 3.9% A.A.U.

Traditionally a superior German aroma hop. Excellent flavor. Mild to semi-strong aroma, versatile bittering and finishing. Used for Wheats, Altbiers, Pilsners, Belgian Ales, American and German Lagers.
Hersbrucker (Germany) 3.3% A.A.U.

Traditional German landrace variety grown widely not only in the Hallertau, but also in Spalt and Hersbruck areas. Used for Lager, Pilsner, Bock, Wheat beers, Belgian Style Ales, Kolsch, and Munich Helles.
Kent Goldings (UK) (USA) 4.5% A.A.U.

Traditional Old English hop. Developed by clonal selection from 1790 on starting from Canterbury Whitebine. Classic English ale hop used for kettle hopping and dry hopping. All English Style Ales, ESB Bitters.
Liberty (USA) 4.3% A.A.U.

Released in 1991, aroma variety with close similarities to imported German aroma varieties. Used for finishing. American and German Ales and Lagers.
Mt. Hood (USA) 5.2% A.A.U.

Aroma variety with similarities to the German Hallertau and Hersbrucker varieties, released in the US in 1989. Used for aroma and flavor, American and German Ales/Lagers.
Northern Brewer (Germany) (USA) 8.5% - 10.4% A.A.U.

A true dual-purpose hop containing moderate amounts of alpha acids combined with an acceptable aroma profile. Good for bittering with strong flavors and very fragrant. Steam Beers, Dark English Ales, and German Lagers
Nugget (USA) 13.7% A.A.U.

Selected from a cross between Brewers Gold and a high alpha male. Heavy, herbal and spicy aroma, extremely bitter. Used for medium to dark ales and lagers.
Perle (Germany) 7.7% A.A.U.

Derived from English Northern Brewer, new to the US industry. Minty bittering and good "green hop" aromas. All non-Pilsner Lagers, Wheats.
Polaris (Germany) 18.1% A.A.U.

Intense floral and pleasant mint tones
Saaz (Czech) 3.4% A.A.U.

Classical noble aroma hop with long and strong traditions. Associated with the renowned Pilsener Lager. Used for finishing. Bohemian-style Beers, Continental Lagers, Wheats, Pilsner Lagers.
Simcoe (USA) 12.2% A.A.U.

A dual-purpose, unique American hybrid. Although it is primarily a bittering hop, it has a clean, pine-like aroma and flavoring with a slight hint of citrus. It is less astringent than other pine-like hops and has been highly sought after to make distinctive and unique Pale Ales.
Sterling (USA) 6.0% A.A.U.

American floral hop released in 1998. A cross between Saaz and Mount Hood.
Styrian Goldings (Slovenia) 3.4% A.A.U.

A world renowned aroma hop with widespread usage in both ale and lager brewing. Because it is genetically derived from Fuggle, it is not surprising that Styrian Goldings also resembles Fuggle in character, with a pleasant spicy aroma.
Tettnang (Germany) 5.0% A.A.U.

Similar to Fuggle. Used for lagers, pilsners, U.S. ales, U.S. wheats and U.S. bitters.
Tettnang (USA) 4.7% A.A.U.

Commercially grown in the U.S. since the 1980's. Similar to Fuggle. A very popular hop with the craft-brewery industry. Used for Lagers, U.S. Ales, Pilsners, U.S. Wheats and Bitters.
Tradition (Germany) 5.8% A.A.U.

A close descendant of Hallertau Mittelfruh. Very refined, sweet aroma. Used for aroma and flavor additions in German lagers.
US Magnum (USA) 12.6% A.A.U.

First super alpha variety grown in Hallertau region. Grown in Yakima Valley, useful for all beer types.
Warrior (USA) 15.8% A.A.U.

A general purpose bittering hop that offers a neutral, clean bittering primarily in ale styles. It has a relatuive low cohumulone content which contributes to a smooth, pleasing bitterness.
Willamette (USA) 4.1% A.A.U.

A quality aroma hop with a smooth soft flavor. Can be used for ales and lagers. Used for finishing, dry hopping. American and British Ales.


Vintage Postcard of Bedino Peace Chapel Funeral Home
Northeast Corner of 6th & Poplar St. Terre Haute, IN
Demolished 2010

Vintage Postcard From Fox DeLuxe Breweries Marion, Indiana
Fox Deluxe Beer is blended with imported Bohemian Hops -
for finer flavor, finer beer. Even if you paid a $1.00 a bottle,
you could not buy a finer beer.
Just remember, when you order. . . . Don't say Fox. . . .
Say Fox DE . E . E . E . LUXE.

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WARNING: Hops can cause malignant hyperthermia in canines, usually with fatal results.
Even small amounts can trigger a potentially deadly reaction, including spent hops from the brewing process.
Immediate action should be taken if hops are consumed by a dog.