1709 So. 4th St.         Terre Haute, IN 47802

Serving The Wabash Valley From
Terre Haute, Indiana Since 1994

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We do not ship. This website is for the customers who shop in our brick and mortar store in Terre Haute, IN.
We are constantly adding new products and have many additional unique items that are not listed on this website.
If you have never visited our shop or haven't visited in a while, come in and browse, you will find it's worth the trip.

Whether you need a Altar Cloth, Chalices, Athames, Bells, Tiles, Offering Bowls, Candles & Holders, God/Goddess Statues, Incense, Crystals or Herbs,
Herbs and Heirlooms has the areas largest selection of Altar supplies in stock for your rituals.

Below is a Small Sampling of the Items Available at Herbs and Heirlooms.

Altar Cloths

Triple Moon





Altar Tiles

Altar Tiles

Wood Triquetra Tile

Mental Pentagram Tile

Soapstone Triple Moon Tile

Soapstone Triquetra Tile

Soapstone Pentagram Tile

Altar Bells

Large Brass Bell

Celestial Bells

Dragon Cymbals

Small Brass Bells

Silver Triquetra Bell

Tibetan Chakra Bells

Red Tibetan Bell (Note F)

Orange Tibetan Bell (Note C)

Yellow Tibetan Bell (Note G)

Green Tibetan Bell (Note D)

Sea Blue Tibetan Bell (Note A)

Blue Tibetan Bell (Note E)

Violet Tibetan Bell (Note B)


Thor's Hammer Chalice

Greenman Chalice

Pentagram Chalice

Triquetra Chalice

Tree of Life Chalice


Moon Phase Athame

Egyptian Athame

Bone Athame

Bone Renaissance Athame

Wood Handled Athame

Lord and Goddess Statues

White Spiral Goddess

White Spiral Lord

Black Spiral Goddess

Black Spiral Lord

Offering Bowl Goddess

Meditative Yoga Goddess

Venus of Willendorf


Brass Sitting Ganesh

Kuan Yin

Candles and Candle Holders

White Ceramic Spell Candle Holder

Starry Spell Candle Holder

Chime Spell Candles

Goldtone Fairy Star Spell Candle Holder

Silver Fairy Star Spell Candle Holder

Cat Candle in Assorted Colors

Male Candle in Assorted Colors

Female Candle in Assorted Colors

Marriage Candle

Seven Knob Candle in Assorted Colors

Crystal Journey Candles

Herbs and Heirlooms stocks the complete Line of Crystal Journey's Herbal Magic Reiki Pillars and Glass Votive Candles.
Aloha Bay Chakra Energy Pillars

Herbs and Heirlooms stocks the complete Line of Aloha Bay Chakra Energy.

Crystal Journey

Aloha Bay

The Terre Haute House was opened in 1928 and closed in 1970.
It was demolished in 2005.
It was located at the crossroads of America on the northeast corner of 7th & Wabash Ave. This is where Highway 40 & Highway 41 crossed.

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