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Homemade Homebrew Soda Pop Extracts

Made in the Ozarks U.S.A.
Makes 4 gallons of your own soda. Quick, easy and delicious. Directions included.
Requires sugar for a sweet soda. Yeast is also required.
Want to make low calorie soda? Directions are included for using artificial sweetner.

Ginger Beer
Orange Soda
Cream Soda
Root Beer
Birch Root Beer
Raspberry Soda
Ginger Ale
Cherry Soda
Lemon Lime
Book About Homemade Root Beer Soda & Pop

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Root Beer Recipe circa 1904

For good, old-fashioned root beer gather together sarsaparilla, dandelion, yellow dock, hops, and burdock, if possible; other ingredients often added are wild cherry bark, birch bark, elecampane, and aromatic spikenard. After washing thoroughly and bruising the roots, take two gallons of water to 1 ounce each of the ingredients. Putting the roots in the cold water, set over the fire so that all the essences and flavors will be drawn out by the heating. Steep for an hour and a half and then strain; add 1 pound of sugar and 25 drops of oil of sassafras or spruce, and when cool enough, so as not to kill the yeast, add 6 or 8 tablespoonfuls to the above quantity of water, or 1 or 2 dry yeast cakes dissolved in a little tepid water. After stirring the yeast in well, set the brew away in an earthen jar and allow some hours for it to work. After three or four hours it may be put into bottles, or kept in a jar for immediate use.

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