O' peppermint tea -
two delights per sip
as steamy hot as passion -
cool as a wintry lake dip.
Astrid Alauda
1709 So. 4th St.           Terre Haute, IN 47802

Serving The Wabash Valley From
Terre Haute, Indiana Since 1994

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This website is for the customers who shop in our brick and mortar store in Terre Haute, IN.
We are constantly adding new products and have many additional unique items that are not listed on this website.
If you have never visited our shop or haven't visited in a while, come in and browse, you will find it's worth the trip.

With an assortment of almost 250 teas in stock, Herbs and Heirlooms has the Wabash Valley's Largest selection of black and green teas as well as herbal teas.

Herbs and Heirlooms Teas

Our black, green and white teas and tisanes (herbal teas) are of the highest quality and sourced from all over the world. Most are certified organic or ethically wildcrafted and some are kosher certified. These teas are available as loose leaf tea and/or teabags.

Following is a partial list of the teas currently in stock.

Black teas: Darjeeling, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Lychee, Nilgiri and Pu-erh.

Black flavored teas: Black Currant, Blackberry, Chai, Cinnamon Spice, Orange Spice, Peach and Summer Fruit.

Green teas: Assam, Bancha, Chun Mee, Genmaicha, Gunpowder, Jasmine, Matcha, Oolong, Sencha and Young Hysson.

White teas.

Herbal teas (tisanes): Chamomile, Ginger, Hibiscus, Holy Basil (Tulsi), Honeybush, Nettle, Pau d' Arco, Peppermint, Rooibos, Senna, Spearmint and Saffron.

We have seasonal blends such as Summer Solstice and Winter Solstice. Also available at Herbs and Heirlooms is a large selection of herbs for making your own custom blend according to your recipe.

Commercial brands of boxed teas in stock at Herbs and Heirlooms include Traditional Medicinal, Yogi, Stash, Buddha and Organic India Tulsi.

Postcard of St. Benedict's Church
9th & Ohio St. Terre Haute, IN
circa 1890

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