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This website is for the customers who shop in our brick and mortar store in Terre Haute, IN.
We are constantly adding new products and have many additional unique items that are not listed on this website.
If you have never visited our shop or haven't visited in a while, come in and browse, you will find it's worth the trip.

Ritual Items

Wolf's Heart

This powerful magical talisman is intended to aid you in seeking protection from spirits. Carry the wolf`s heart in a bag or use it in magical ritual, and seek out those spirits who will then protect you from the baneful magic of others or otherwise offer you their guidance and good will.
Wolf's Eye

This "Wolf`s Eye" is designed to be used standing alone or as part of a more elaborate magical ritual. Whichever purpose you choose, it is intended to be of particular use for protecting against spells, curses, and other negative attentions. Some have also used it when seeking to ensure that they will have security within their job. Each packet contains one Wolf`s Eye.
Bat's Heart

This white, powdery root is purported to attract good luck when playing games of chance. Traditionally used in a gris gris bag, this root is also highly sought after for spells and potions related to luck and money. Carry the heart in a green cloth bag and anoint with Protection Oil.
Bat's Eye

The magical charm of a bat eye has long been used as a source of protection against harm and evil forces. In this case, it is designed for you to carry it with you in a purple cloth bag or use it in your spells and rituals to ward off harmful intentions and the evil magic of curses and hexes. This can be a potent aid against those who would curse you and do you harm.
Bat's Head Root

Bat`s Head root is an extremely rare natural root from Mexico that grows to have an uncanny likeness to the bat`s head from which it takes its name. Used in spellwork directed toward obtaining your wishes, it is most often used in a gris-gris bag, on an altar, or in any other intentional spellwork you may wish.
Adam and Eve Root

Principally used by lovers; one lover carries the Adam Root (shaped like a cone) and the other lover carries the Eve Root (shape is round). This keeps your lover true to you and discourages rivals. They are used to bring a love to you, or for a marriage proposal, whether you are hoping for one or as insurance that you will receive a "yes" answer when popping the question.
Sea Horse

Sea horses are believed to be potent sources of magical protection. Here, we find a dried sea horse that is intended to be used as a charm for warding off negative energy, curses, and other such negative attention. Carry it alone, or put it in a bottle with blessed water and other ritual sands, herbs, and the like to find a boost in the charm`s potency.
Black Cat's Bone

Used for fast luck, success and better business. Carry in a green bag and anoint bone with Money House Blessing Oil daily.
Black Cat's Eye

As a magical charm, the black cat eye, being a magically treated root, is a source of powerful luck, often used to bring good luck, find peace, and overcome obstacles to acheive success. It is often used in gambling, business matters, or even to find the one that you love and desire. Carry it in a bag or however else you see fit to bring good luck and happiness with you wherever you go.
Black Destroyer Powder

This powder is a powwerful aid in spells of consecration and protection. When sprinkled around the edges of an area, it provides a powerful aid in protecting against evil influences and negative energies. For external use only.
Lucky Hand Root

This legendary hand-shaped root is truly a remarkable botanical curiosity. Now very rare and hard to obtain, it has a reputation within a wide range of magical traditions for bringing good luck and protecting its owner from all harm.
Water Buffalo Horn

Whether in gleeful celebration or in solemn ceremony, this horn adds an old-world feel to your ritual that can`t be passed up. Coming 6" in length or longer, it is the intact horn of a water buffalo, providing you with a wonderful ornament for your altar, or when paired with another, a wonderful addition to a representation of the horned God, whether you are fixing it to a costume or creating an image for your altar. When used as part of your ritual magic it can also add to your magick, adding to its energies the strength and stamina of the beast from which it came.
Alligator Claw

This small alligator claw is intended to be kept in your pocket, purse or mojo bag as a powerful token of good luck, especially when one is looking for good fortune in gambling and games of chance.
Coffin Nails

Used within a wide range of spells and rituals, coffin nails are said to be able to increase the potency of your magic, particularly curses. These iconic nails have been created specifically as coffin nails, aiding you within your most powerful crafts. Instructions are included for use. Each nail is approximately 1 1/2" in length.
Water Buffalo Tooth

Wear this genuine water buffalo tooth to grant you strength and stamina. Each tooth has a small hole through which to string a necklace cord. They are approximately 2" to 2 1/2" long.
Faerie Magic Dust

This magickal dust has been created to help you in attracting the blessings and guidance of the Faerie folk. Through the wonder and magic they offer you can discover a joy and abundance that you can bring into your life. Add a sprinkle or a pinch to your magical crafts, and bring a bit of Faerie glamour to your magical craft.
Garnet Granules

Garnet is one of the most magically powerful stones throughout history, finding use in protection, healing, love, and sexual magic, as well as assisting in balancing energies and certain exorcism rites. Garnet lights the way, inspiring courage and fueling hope, an excellent aid for people suffering from depression or burdened with difficulty. A list of possible uses is included for people who are only beginning their journey into gem and mineral magic.

Lodestones have been used for centuries within magic to charge spell items and attract positive forces to the one using them. As natural magnets, they are often used in pairs, with one used to repel bad luck while the other is used to attract the good. Place them upon your altar or in a gris gris or mojo bag and feed it daily with lodestone food to help empower your spells and magic. It is important to note that natural lodestones can often be found only in small pieces.
Lodestone Food

Lodestone food is often used with charm bags and ritual magic as an offering to a lodestone to help fuel the magick that the lodestone is used for. Frequently offered daily, the iron filings are believed to help empower your lodestone and your magic, ensuring continued good luck, prosperity, and healing.
1 oz.
Black Salt

Black salt is used for jinx removing, keeping away evil forces and bad neighbors, as well as being an important ingredient in many protection spells.
Sea Salt

A powerful aid in protection magick and an excellent cleanser and purifier of crystals.
Blue Corn with Muslin Bag

Used to bless a place or spirit. Honors Mother Earth.
Worry Dolls

Worry dolls, also known as "trouble dolls" are tiny colorful dolls that you whisper your worries to before you go to bed, allowing them to do your worrying for you while you sleep. Traditional to Guatemalan culture, the use of this folk magic has spread throughout the world, with many people bringing them into the workplace as well, to provide a source of peace and calm throughout the day. All you need to do to work this simple charm-magic is quietly whisper one of the worries in your day to each of the little wire-and-cloth dolls, then place them back in their box and place it beneath your pillow before you go to sleep at night. This package contains approximately 6 worry dolls contained within a colorful woven box.
Holy Water

This holy water has been carefully blessed be a holy man within the spiritual community. Holy water can be used to protect and cleanse people, places, or things and is often used to consecrate ritual spaces and ritual tools. Within specific rituals, it is perhaps most commonly known for its ability to help drive away evil spirits or entities in a manner that is quite similar to smudging with sage bundles and smudge sticks. It can also be used within baptisms and similar rituals, anointing one`s self or others when sick or injured, or in preparation for prayer and meditation.
Each bottle contains approximately 4 fl oz of Holy Water.
Pyramid Water

Charged beneath the spire of an energetically aligned pyramid, this Pyramid Water is of great use for your ritual crafts. Use the energy with which it is endowed to help empower all of your ritual crafts. This is particularly potent if you use it in combination with an herbal spell mix, or other such ritual blend that allows you to increase the potency of your ritual items` properties.
4 fl. oz.
Four Thieves Vinegar

Developed during the times of the black plague, four thieves vinegar is used for healing, or to make your enemies go away or any other person you wish out of your life. Also, when mixed one part vinegar with three parts water and then used to wash yourself down head-to-toe, it removes negative vibrations and has an astral cleansing effect.
4 fl. oz.
Florida Water

Florida water is a refreshing and stimulating floral and citrus scented cologne often used for ritual offering and purification. It is also used in spells to remove unwanted thought forms and heavy vibrations, to encourage the display of emotions, to suppress those who talk too much and to calm places where an excess of energy is present.
7.5 fl. oz.

Voodoo Dolls / Poppet Dolls

Voodoo dolls, also known as poppet dolls, have been historically used for casting spells of revenge,
however they can also be used to bring love, luck or money to the user.
Voodoo dolls are handmade of cloth, approx. 5" tall. Each comes with instruction card.

 Black for curses, banishing,  jinxes and uncrossing.

Green for luck,
money and gambling.

Pink for love, sex, romance and love rituals.

Red for success,
attraction and happiness.

White for peace, tranquility, good health and healing.

Yellow to dispel
evil and hexes.


Colored Feathers

Feathers can be quite useful within your ritual magick. Use it by itself as a fan for smudging rituals, or trim it down to make a traditional pen for use in written magick.
Natural Gray Goose Feather

This goose feather makes for a wonderful, small dip pen, it is perfect for written magick and rituals.
Guinea Hen Wing Feather

From the wing of a guinea hen, this feather is marked with a white, checkered pattern. Of a small size, it is useful for portable smudging kits and is great for writing runes and seals.
Bronze Pre-tail Turkey Feather

Useful for smudging or as a quill pen, this feather is of great use in your magical crafts and spells, and is patterned with stripes.
Bronze Turkey Tail Feather

Perfect for your rituals, spells and ceremonies, this turkey feather is great both as a quill pen and as a smudging feather.

Vintage postcard of Garfield High School which was located at 1200 Maple Ave., Terre Haute, IN
Opened in 1911 and closed in 1971 due to school consolidation.
Garfield Towers, a 7 story public housing complex now sits on the former site of the high school.

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