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This website is for the customers who shop in our brick and mortar store in Terre Haute, IN.
We are constantly adding new products and have many additional unique items that are not listed on this website.
If you have never visited our shop or haven't visited in a while, come in and browse, you will find it's worth the trip.

The Green Man

This is a partial listing of our Green Man Items. Many of the items at Herbs and Heirlooms are unique and are of limited availability.
Our inventory is constantly changing, so be sure and come into the store for the best selection and to see what's new.

Handsome Green Man of the Woods
Wall plaque. He is approximately 4"x 4 1/2" and is made of walnut shells and resin. Small screw eye for mounting.

Unique Green Man
Wall plaque. He is the kind you see in the ancient churches. He measures approximately 4"X 5" and is made of walnut shell and resin. Small screw eye for mounting.

Beautiful Goddess of the Woods
Wall plaque made of walnut shell and resin. She is approximately 5" X 4 1/2". Small screw eye for mounting.

Death and Rebirth
Green Man
This Lord of the Woods stands eternal, a Green Man holding the Sacred Snake of death and rebirth. In him are combined the oak, the forests, the fields, and the harvest. His sacred cycles are the forces of wild nature and male generative power. In our rituals, we call on him as Jack of the Green, the Forest God, Lord Silenus, or Mighty Pan. He is the universal male principle and divinity in Nature. 8" Hand painted gray Gypsumstone.
Sitting Green Man
This seated Green Man represents the wisdom of primitive nature, the current of male creativity. Strong, organic, centered, here is depicted the energy of masculine healing and awareness. His power is tempered with understanding, the balance of wildness and compassion that comprises the healthy male heart. The mighty oak is especially sacred to this original Druid (a Celtic title meaning "oak knowledge, or "magician of Nature"). An abundance of life springs from Him. 7" Green/bronze colored Gypsumstone statue.

Green Man Box
Walking With the Green Man
Green Man Brass Altar Tile
Green Man Chalice
Green Man Journal
Green Man Box
Green Man Pendant

Green Man Pendant #572
Green Man Amulet
Green Man Altar Cloth
Green Man Pennant
Green Man Cloth Patch

Updated 10/19/2016

Greenman - Pan - Cernunnos - Cocidius - Baphomet - Pashupati
Appears to be solid brass. Has a little verdigris above left eye.
Approx. 5 1/2" tall X 4 1/4" wide. Ashtray? A very rare item indeed.

Postcard of Deming School (misspelled on postcard) at 16th & 8th Ave.
Opened in 1906.

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