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This website is for the customers who shop in our brick and mortar store in Terre Haute, IN.
We are constantly adding new products and have many additional unique items that are not listed on this website.
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One important aspect of  ancient Celtic religion was stone worship....

Celtic / Druids Ritual Items
The Priests of the ancient Celts were called Druids...........

Celtic Horse Cone Incense Burner.
1" diameter lead free pewter disk shaped incense burner with an engraved tri-horse design, representative of the Celtic Horse Goddess Rhiannon.
Celtic Knot Cone Incense Burner.
This is a cone incense burner made out of lead-free pewter with a Celtic knot design gracing its 1" diameter surface.
Celtic Knot Wood Incense Burner.
Carved of a dark, rich-hued wood, this 5" diameter wooden incense burner is perfect for the altar. Set within the maze-like pattern of interwoven Celtic knotwork are five small metal insets that will allow you to place your stick incense upright within it.
Celtic Cross Wood Incense Burner.
Consisting of a wooden tray carved into the design of the traditional Celtic cross, this fantastic incense burner features 14 small metal insets that will allow you to place your stick incense upright within it. At its center, it also features a metal tray for you to set your cone incense, creating a versatile piece for your altar or home, which collects the ashes as they fall making for easy clean-up. Combined with the cross-pattern carved into its surface, this makes it quite useful in your meditation and ritual crafts.
Celtic Pentagram Ash Catcher.
Adored with an interwoven pentagram and a host of unique Celtic knotwork designs, this cold cast resin incense holder provides a beautiful way to keep your burning incense clean and safe.
Triquetra Altar Tile.
This is a heavy weight, metallic disk with a carved out triquetra at its center. Ideal as a small altar tile, it can also make a delightful coaster. It measures approximately 3" in diameter and 3/8" thick, and is wonderfully crafted of silver plated brass.
Soapstone Triquetra Altar Tile.
This lovely, fine crafted altar tile, carved of soapstone, presents the design of a triquetra on its surface. The Triquetra is a powerful symbol of mind, body and spirit as well as the triple Goddess. Sitting 3" in diameter, it is the perfect addition to your altar. As photo shows, colors will vary.
Celtic Heart Altar Tile.
Created from silver plated brass, this altar tile has been worked into the shape of a heart, with an intricate pattern of Celtic knots upon its surface. These knots have long been a symbol of Eternity, with the heart most often representing love, making this a powerful piece for love spells. It measures approximately 3" wide and 3" tall.
Altar Tile Pentagram with Moons and Celtic Knotwork.
This silver-plated altar tile provides a beautiful and unique representation of a pentagram. Etched into its 3" diameter surface is an elaborate pattern of Celtic knots interwoven within the five pointed star of a pentagram, which in turn displays a crescent moon between each of its points.
Triquetra Open Cut Altar Tile.
Able to serve as an altar piece, wall hanging, or even as a coaster should you desire, this triquetra measures 3 1/2" on each face and measures 3/8" thick. Made of silver plated brass, this triquetra piece is sturdy enough to withstand travel for use with a portable altar. The triquetra is one of the most well known pieces of Celtic knotwork, and has been used to represent endlessness and eternity since ancient times. Heavy weight, metallic disk with carved out interwoven pentacle. Ideal as a small altar pentacle, or it could also serve as a coaster. Approx. 3" dia., 3/8" thick, silver plated brass.
Altar Bell With Triquetra Design.
This is a 3" tall silver-plated bell with two triquetra and Celtic knotwork designs engraved into its opposing sides. The perfect size for use on an altar or in your ritual space, the airy chime of this bell is reminiscent of a bedside bell, useful for calling aid when you need it.
Gothic Cross Silver Chalice.
With only a glance, you can see that this intricately patterned chalice is perfectly suited for your magickal ritual and study. Standing approximately 7" tall, it is styled in the same fashion as those seen in the churches, cathedrals and feast halls of medieval Europe, with a wide, bell-shaped cup set upon a flaring stem and a wide base. The cup, possessing a 3 1/4" mouth, is decorated in an image of sweeping angles and arches, creating a cross pattern within an intricate, gothic design. This is complemented by the similar, sweeping patterns that decorate the chalice`s wide, 3 1/4" base.
Chalice with Engraved Triquetra.    
A wonderful piece for your rituals and altars, this silver-plated chalice with the celtic symbol of endlessness; the triquetra, engraved on opposing sides. Approximately 6 1/4" high with gentle ribbing along the stem, and a slight curl to the lip of the cup. This is a very decorative piece for altar use or as a personal chalice. Food and drink safe.
Pentagram and Triquetra Chalice.
A wonderful piece for your rituals and altars, this chalice depicts an interwoven pentagram superimposed over top of the three points of a triquetra. This combination of mystical symbols blends the representation of the four elements ruled by spirit with the three faces of the Goddess; the maiden, mother and crone. Other than this design on its front and back face, the chalice is otherwise largely unadorned, with a wide, 3" mouth that tapers down to 1" in diameter near the base of the cup, which sits upon a beveled stem and a 2 1/4" diameter base. All of this stands approximately 5 1/2" tall, making it good for those without a lot of altar space as well as any others who would enjoy this magical tool, rich with symbolism.
Small Triquetra Chalice.
Captured in miniature, this altar chalice is absolutely enchanting. Silver-plated, it presents a stem delicately engraved with a repeating pattern that provides a contoured, non-slip surface as well as an elegant appearance. The cup itself is of the common design, almost appear to be an upturned bell and upon both its front and back face you will find a triquetra skillfully engraved. The whole design measures only approximately 5" tall, and is only 2" in diameter around its widest point, the rim.
Celtic Pentagram Mango Wood Altar Chest.
This fine wooden chest would be an enchanting addition to any altar or home. Carved of mango wood, it is covered in exquisite carvings; decorating each of the sides you will find................................................
Triquetra Hinged Altar Box.
This handcrafted, hinged box presents an image of mystery and magic. Sitting 4" deep and 6" wide, its black-finished surface almost appears seamless when the lid is closed. Set deep within this lid..................
Camelback Wooden Altar Chest.
Covered in powerful mystic symbolism, this wooden chest is the perfect piece for use within your ritual crafts or a fine decoration for home and sacred space. Styled in the shape of a traditional chest, with a rectangular base and an arched and hinged lid, it is an elegant piece that easily fits in with most altar tools and decorations; it even features a little small metal latch that allows you to close it with a lock or other such device. But what really makes it stand out is the elaborate decoration that it displays. The lower half is decorated with intricate patterns created by metal inlays, forming geometric patterns that shine out in a perfect metallic contrast with the black stained wood. The top half, or lid, stands out from this with finely detailed carvings, depicting a triple moon on each of its sides and a triangle at its top, with an interwoven pentagram set within. Framed by two long bands of engraved Celtic knots, this small pentagram seems the perfect accent to crown the chest off. All in all, it makes for the perfect place to store small altar tools, ritual items, jewelry, and tarot decks for any Witch. It stands approximately 7 1/4" tall and 5 1/2" deep, and 6 1/2" wide with lid amounting for approximately half of its total height.
Pentagram, Celtic Knots and Tree Wooden Incense and/or Altar Chest.
This tall, narrow chest is an absolute delight. With a top lid that seals tightly when it closes, it also helps to keep the scent of your incense from permeating the room in which it sits unless you want it to. On its front and two sides, you will find skillful carvings, depicting.....................................................................
Triquetra Herb and/or Altar Chest.
This enchanting Herb box is perfect for holding your ritual herbs, smaller ritual tools, or even your jewelry. Carved of wood, it stands 8 3/4" tall at its highest point, 4 3/4" deep and 5 1/2" wide. Carved with the intricate, knotted design of a Triquetra, it presents a 4" by 4" by 4 1/4" cubby based at the bottom, with a door that swings open at the tug its pull ring. Atop this is a smaller, pull-out drawer that can readily fit your herbs, pendulums, smaller gemstones, and jewelry. Crowning the top is a hinged lid, opening to reveal a deep tray offering safe-keeping for your favorite treasures. The whole, accented with metal stars riveted into the wood, offers an antique look that will be perfect for your altar, kitchen counter, night stand, or where ever else you see a place for it in your home.
Celtic Cross Herb and/or Altar Chest.
Whether you are a herbalist or private practitioner of herbal lore... or if you`re just the kind of person who goes nuts over having lots of little nooks and crannies to hide things in, these herbal storage boxes are just the thing for you! Standing 8 1/2" tall at the peak, and only 4 1/4" deep, these herbal storage boxes have a small cupboard, drawer, and lifting top lid built in! Inscribed with hand-carved triple moon designs on the top, front, and sides, these wooden herbal storage boxes leave nothing to be desired.
Triquetra Triple Crescent Moon Cross Herb and/or Altar Chest.
Whether you are a herbalist or private practitioner of herbal lore... or if you`re just the kind of person who goes nuts over having lots of little nooks and crannies to hide things in, this herbal storage box is just the thing for.......................................................................................................................
Celtic Cross & Pentagram Treasure Chest or Altar Box.
Conjuring images of hidden, mystical treasure, this fantastic chest is marvelously constructed of wood, accented by riveted metal bands that wrap around each of the chest`s corners and add to the chest`s sturdy construction. The rounded lid is framed on each of its sides with the engraved image of repeating, woven celtic knots, which highlight the central image of a Celtic Cross. Within this cross, you will find the five pointed star of a pentgram, who`s lines are actually woven in and out of itself before flowing into the pattern of the cross itself. Held closed with a metal clasp that can be held shut with a small lock, the lid opens to reveal a broad storage chamber, perfect for holding jewelry, herbs and whatever else you can imagine safely tucking away in its space. Beneath this compartment, clever constructed so as to seem little more than a decorative accent, is a metal pull ring. Give it a tug and reveal the hidden drawer beneath, which is great for holding those items you may not wish to be seen at first inspection. The upper storage compartment is 9 1/4" wide, 5" deep and 1 3/4" inch deep, with a rounded, hollow lid allowing for taller items to be placed within as well. The lower drawer is 8" wide, 4" deep and 1" high; perfect for containing your smaller treasures. With the whole chest measuring 10" by 6" by 6 1/4", it is perfect in whatever room you choose to put it in, as a wonderful addition that is both decorative and functional.

Celtic Cross and Pentacle Altar Box.
This wooden box would be an enchanting addition to any altar or home. The lid is covered in exquisite carvings, a Celtic Cross in the center of the lid with 5 separate Pentagrams inside of a circle to the right and left of the cross. Painted black black and green to mimic......................................................................
Triple Moon & Pentagram (Hecate) Altar Box.
This metal bound box is handcrafted out of mango wood and inscribed with a triple moon and pentagram Hecate design. Measuring 8" x 5 1/8" x 4" on its exterior measurements.............................................
Golden Pentagram and Celtic Braiding 2 Drawer Chest.
This golden pentagram chest with golden Celtic braiding features two drawers with a gold pentagram to the  front of each drawer. The top of the chest has a pentagram to each corner and.........................................
Celtic Dragon Altar Box.
Wrapped round with Celtic knotwork and set with a dragon`s head on its lid, this skillfully crafted cold cast resin Celtic Dragon box has a sturdy base and gently tapered sides to help keep.......................................
Soapstone Mortar & Pestle with Celtic Knotwork Encircling the Sides.
This is a shallow soapstone mortar and pestle set with Celtic knotwork encircling the sides. It measures 2 tall and 4 in diameter, with an internal measurement 1 deep and 3 in diameter with slight internal grooves to aid in grinding.
Triple Crescent White Washed Wood Mortar and Pestle.
This mortar and pestle set is a beautiful addition to the sacred space or kitchen. Carved of wood, it features 3 Triple Crescent Triquetras evenly spaced around the bowl and accentuated with.......................................
Celtic Soapstone Mortar and Pestle.
The set is not just for decoration, however. The mortar features a wide, shallow bowl allowing you to easily work your materials whether you are studying herbal magic, alchemy, or common kitchen crafts, with the rounded base of the heavy pestle easily working within its smooth surface. The mortar measures approximately 4" wide and 2 1/2" tall, while the pestle measures 4" long.
Celtic Knot Soapstone Mortar and Pestle.
Wonderfully carved of stone, this mortar and pestle presents a wonderful design that is perfect for lovers of Celtic imagery and seek to incorporate its beauty on their altar, or otherwise enjoy its presence as they work with herbs and minerals, whether they are delving into homeopathic remedies or the arts of alchemy. With a traditional mortar and pestle shape, it has a black surface, carved to present a patterned design at its base that accents the band of Celtic Knotwork that wraps around it; imagery that is highlighted as well by the carved design encircling the mortar`s rim. This carved design leaves exposed the stone`s inner, grey coloring that truly makes it stand out as a beautiful and functional creation. Sitting approximately 3" in diameter at its widest point with a 2 1/4" base, this mortar and pestle is intended to work with small amounts of material at once, and is perfect for those without much storage space for their craft.
Wooden Celtic Mortar and Pestle.
This mortar and pestle set is a beautiful addition to the sacred space or kitchen. Carved of wood, it features an elaborate scroll work of Celtic knot work accented with gold paint that stands out wonderfully against a rich burgundy stain. The interior is pristine wood, sanded smooth and free of stain. This, and the stain-free end of the pestle, is created so as to keep these decorative elements from entering your work as you mix and mash and the wood is worn through natural use. The mortar measures approximately 4 1/4" in height and 3 1/2" in diameter, with the pestle measuring approximately 5 1/4" in length.
Small Triquetra Cast Iron Cauldron.
Crafted of cast iron and standing a discrete 3" tall and 2 3/4" wide, with internal dimensions of 2 1/4" in diameter and 2" in depth, this squat cauldron rests on three, 3/4" legs and has small handles set on either side of its rim, through which is looped the metal carrying handle. Coming complete with a lightweight cast iron lid and the embossed image of the Triquetra set on both its front and back face, it makes a wonderful addition to those who do not have the space on their altar for larger cauldrons or for those who simply wish to decorate their home or desk with this cauldrons small but powerful presence.
Medium Triquetra Cast Iron Cauldron.
Displaying a Triquetra on both its front and back sides, this Cast Iron cauldron is a powerful symbol of the goddess. Representative of creation and rebirth by itself, the three points of the Triquetra are also frequently used to represent the Maiden, Mother and Crone as well as mind, body and spirit and even birth, life, and death. The cauldron itself also features a handle for carrying and a heavy lid for snuffing out incense or otherwise covering the cauldron`s contents. The entire cauldron measures approximately 4 1/2" tall when lidded and 4 1/4" in diameter. Internal dimensions are approximately 2 1/2" deep and 3 3/4" in diameter.
Large Triquetra Cast Iron Cauldron.
Crafted of finely wrought cast iron and decorated with the triquetra, both on its front and on its back, this cauldron is intended as an ritual aid for bringing your different spell components together. You can use this sturdy tripod-style cauldron as a planter, a burn-safe location, an altar-piece or as a vessel for your ritual fire. Measuring 7" in diameter and 7" tall, with internal dimensions of 4 1/2" diameter and 5 1/2" deep, this cast iron cauldron is the ideal size for your ritual needs without being too cumbersome. Classical in design and use, it is a must have among many magical traditions.
Triquetra Offering Bowl
Made of copper and accented with brass, this small offering bowl measures approximately 3" in diameter and is accented with the three pointed symbol of the Triquetra. The triquetra is recognized as a powerful symbol of the interwoven forms of the Goddess, the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone, making it the bowl perfect for your altar or sacred space.
Soapstone Triquetra Oil Diffuser.
Standing 3" tall and 2 1/2" wide this soapstone oil diffuser has the triquetra, the Celtic symbol of endlessness, carved into its outer face. Easy to clean, this diffuser using only a tealight candle to heat the oil and release its scent about the room.
Triple Moon Altar/Tarot Cloth.
This charming cloth, is perfect for the medium sized table or altar and great for wrapping your tarot deck A silver triple moon symbol of the Goddess with a pentacle and golden Celtic border boldly jump off of the black background, instantly catching ones eye. The edges of this cloth are tasseled, extending beyond its approximate width of 24".
Silver Triquetra Altar Cloth.
This heavy black cloth makes for a fantastic decoration on your altar or wall, and makes for a lovely wrap for your tarot deck as well. It presents at its center a silver triquetra with a golden border of Celtic Knots. All set against a black border, this makes this 100% cotton cloth a fantastic decorative piece. Approx. 24" square.
Celtic Altar Cloth With Tasseled Edges.
This cloth, perfect for the medium sized table or altar, is a purple & black masterpiece. An ornate black celtic border boldly jumps off of the purple background, instantly catching the eye. As an altar piece.....................
Celtic Moon and Stars Altar Cloth
Captured upon this 3` by 3` square of cloth, that is perfect as a scarf or as an altar cloth, is the elegant design of a pentacle and the crescent moon. The pentacle is a symbol with many layers of meaning, including the perfection of the manifestation of the human form and the four elements, with Spirit, which rules over them all. The crescent moon represents receptivity, or acceptance, tolerance and understanding. Exquisitely crafted of Rayon Batik, this is an elegant ornament, whatever you choose to use it for.
Celtic Sarong or Altar Cloth.
100% Rayon. Comes with it`s own carrying bag. Approx. 42" x 66". Has black fringe on edges with blue, black and white Celtic design.
Triquetra Tapestry.
This beautiful tapestry presents a delicate, silver triquetra surrounded by an elegant border of intricate, golden Celtic Knotwork.  Made of 100% cotton,and approx. 72" x 90", it makes a fantastic altar cloth, bed throw, wall decoration or addition to any sacred space.
Celtic Cross Sarong or Altar Cloth.
Rectangular altar cloth or sarong featuring a central Celtic cross mandalas surrounded by Celtic knotwork. Of 100% rayon with knotted fringe on the two short sides. Colors & design may vary. 44" x 72".
Pentacle Altar/Tarot Cloth. 18" Square.
This cloth, perfect for the medium sized table or altar, is a purple and black masterpiece. A black pentagram and celtic border boldly jump off of the purple background, instantly catching the eye. As an altar piece, the shape of the pentacle and arrangement of the knotwork also provides a guide to the placement of certain altar items. The edges of this 100% rayon cloth are tasseled, extending beyond its approximate width of 18".
Pentacle Altar/Tarot Cloth. 36" Square.
A black pentacle and celtic border boldly jump off of the purple background. As an altar piece, the shape of the pentacle and arrangement of the knotwork also provides a guide to the placement of certain altar items. Tasseled edges. Approx 36" square.
Rune Mother with Celtic Knots Altar Cloth.
The Mother of all runes, surrounded by the magical Norse runes for healing and good luck, graces the face of this 3` square altar cloth. Made of 100% rayon batik, Celtic knotwork triquetras form the corners of this beautiful cloth, usable as an enchanting adornment for your home or person as well as for its intended use upon your altar.
Celtic Six Star Altar Cloth.
 At the center of this hand made 100% cotton cloth you will find a maze of woven lines that all come together to form a fluid, six pointed star. Surrounding this intricate design you will find...........................................
Red And Black Celtic Knots & Triquetras Altar Cloth.
This beautiful altar cloth is hand made of 100% cotton and is composed of wonderful Celtic weaves and knots. The main design in the center of the cloth is symmetrical patterns of Celtic knots............................
Triple Moon With Golden Celtic Knotwork Tapestry.
Marvelously woven of heavy, 100% cotton, this tapestry presents the central design of the silver pentacle symbol of the Triple Goddess. With a fringe around its borders, this symbol is set upon a black background and surrounded with an intricate pattern of Golden Celtic Knotwork at its borders. Hanging 72" by 90" it makes for a fantastic bed spread or decorative addition to your wall or ceiling.
Triquetra With Golden Celtic Knotwork Tapestry.
Hand made of heavy weight 100% cotton this tapestry has the traditional Golden Celtic knotwork design on the borders and a Silver Triquetra as the main focus in the center. In each corner .......................................
Triquetra Pentagram Athame.
This fantastic athame presents a wonderful design, perfect for your ritual crafts. The blade measures approximately 6" long, and its double-edged expanse is unadorned but for the 3" inch diameter pewter pentagram and triquetra that has been welded into its surface, just above the hilt. This ornament is exquisitely detailed, with the five pointed pentagram within a detailed circle, and the tangled knots of the triquetra set at the center of that. Beneath this, the hilt consists of a black rubberized handle, textured so as to help keep it from slipping, and a silver-toned pommel and guard that are sculpted to comfortably fit your hand. This athame comes with a black leather belt-on sheath.
Triquetra Athame.
This approximately 9" long athame offers an approximately 6" long, double-edged blade that is otherwise elegantly unadorned but for the pewter symbol fixed to its base, just above the hilt. There you will find in pewter a Triquetra, set with a raised sphere at it center, forming a delightfully charmed symbol that accents this fine athame`s design. The hilt beneath his presents a rubberized handle, textured to help keep it from slipping and a silver-toned pommel and guard which are shaped to fit your hand comfortably. This athame comes with a black leather sheath which snaps around the handle to hold it securely in place and can be slipped on to a belt.
Celtic Pentagram Athame.
Displaying a Celtic Pentagram, or a Pentagram created with a series of entwined Celtic knots, this ritual Athame is a powerful symbol of the mystical arts, with the Pentagram representing Earth, Air, Fire, and Water ruled by the Divine; all entangled and interconnected within the mysteries and magic of heaven and earth. Measuring approximately 9" long, it has a 6" long blade and a black, rubberized handle. It also comes with a black, belt-on sheath.
Rune Triquetra Athame.
A powerful aid within your ritual and ceremonial magic, this athames is intended to be used in directing energy. With a wooden handle capped by a simple brass pommel and crossguard, the athames extends into a 5" long blade that is double edged and tapers to a fine point. Otherwise simple and unadorned, it has a pewter ornament welded to the blade, depicting the three points of a triquetra, interwoven as a symbol of the Goddess`s three forms: Maiden, Mother and Crone. This in turn is encircled by a ring of the 24 Norse runes of the Elder Futhark, which in themselves are powerful symbols of magic and prophecy. The whole athame measures approximately 9" long, and possesses a stainless steel blade.
Two Serpent Triquetra Athame.
An athame is a powerful ritual tool, used to direct energy within ceremonial magic. This one is of simplistic design, nearly unadorned design with a black wooden handle that is capped by a plain brass pommel and small brass cross guard. From here extends a 5" long double edged blade that tapers to a point used to direct the energy of your spell and ritual. Its only ornament is a symbol of a two serpents, intertwined so as to appear as one, encircling a three pointed Triquetra. The serpent, long having represented wisdom, guile and even protection is particularly potent when combined with the Triquetra, which represents mind, body and spirit, and Maiden, Mother and Crone.The whole athame measures approximately 9" long, and possesses a stainless steel blade.

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