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Sandblasting is the act of propelling very fine particles of an abrasive material
at high velocity toward a surface in order to decorate or engrave it.

This is a sampling of some of the items that Ken has sandblasted here at Herbs and Heirlooms.
Some items are one of a kind, others are stock items.
Be sure and checkout Ken's work the next time you visit us.
Thursday and Friday 10 AM to 5 PM, Saturday 10 AM to 4 PM Indiana time.

Indiana Sandstone

The dark color in some of the stones is due to iron ore.

Sandblasted Semi-Precious Crystals

Sandblasted Tiles

Porcelain, Ceramic, Slate, & Marble Are Some of The Tiles I Use.

Sandblasted Glass

Sandblasted Repurposed Items

Sandblasted Coffee Cups

Sandblasted Mirrors

Sandblasted Backlit Mirror Boxes

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