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Herbs and Heirlooms has the largest selection of crystals and gemstones in stock in the Wabash Valley.
Tumbled Stones, Crystal Beads, Pyramids, Spheres, Eggs, Single and Double Terminated Points, Hearts, Book Ends,
Pendants, Rings, Necklaces, Cathedrals, Wands, Fossils and much more.

Ken's Creations Crystal Pendants

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Due to the fact that natural gemstones come from nature, the stones may have a tiny flaw.
Also cutting or polishing makes every piece of gemstone vary in color and size.
Image may look different (color) due to many monitor or device resolutions.

Green Aventurine 1
Green Aventurine 2
Green Aventurine 3
Tree Agate
Dendritic Agate 1
Picture Jasper 1
Picture Jasper 2
Picture Jasper 3
Picture Jasper 4
Snowflake Obsidian
Mahogany Obsidian 1
Mahogany Obsidian 2
Mahogany Obsidian 3
Mahogany Obsidian 4
Mahogany Obsidian 5
Blue Kyanite 1
Blue Kyanite 2
Blue Kyanite 3
Agate 1
Agate 2
Amazonite 1
Amazonite 2
Amazonite 3
Thunder Egg 1
Thunder Egg 2
Petrified Wood 1
Petrified Wood 2
Petrified Wood 3
Petrified Wood 4
Petrified Wood 5
Petrified Wood 6
Petrified Wood 7
Petrified Wood 8
Petrified Wood 9
Petrified Wood 10
Jasp-Agate 1
Jasp-Agate 2
Jasp-Agate 3

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