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This website is for the customers who shop in our brick and mortar store in Terre Haute, IN.
We are constantly adding new products and have many additional unique items that are not listed on this website.
If you have never visited our shop or haven't visited in a while, come in and browse, you will find it's worth the trip.

Incense, White Sage, Smudge Sticks,
Smudging Feathers, Resins and Charcoal

Herbs and Heirlooms has the Wabash Valley's largest selection of incense, smudge sticks and related accessories in stock everyday.

Our hand dipped incense sticks are custom made for us and earn rave reviews from our customers.
They have a wonderful fragrance and a long burn time.

Herbs & Heirlooms Incense Sticks
Over 50 Natural Fragrances.
Hand Dipped
11" Sticks
Burn - Time Approx 1 Hour.
   20 Sticks.      $1.95

The Original Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa



Hem Incense Cones Pack of 10

Sampling of Hem Cone Incense available at Herbs and Heirlooms

Dragons Blood     Frankincense     Lavender     Myrrh
Patchouli     The Moon     White Sage     Vanilla

Satya Incense Sticks 15 gms

Patchouli Forest      Midnight      Sandalwood      Blessings
Celestial      Rain Forest      Sunrise

This is a very small sampling of the incense holders/burners/ash catchers in stock everyday at Herbs and Heirlooms.

Wooden Incense Holder & Ash Catcher with Brass Inlay. Designs Vary.

Brass  Incense Burner for Cones.
In various shapes.
Approx. 2 1/4 " Tall.
Hanging Brass Incense Burner
Burner is approx.
5 1/2" tall. Overall length with chain is approx. 12".
Brass  Incense Burner for Charcoal & Resin, Cones or Stick.

In various shapes.
Approx. 3 1/2" Tall.

Ceremonial Smudge Sticks / Wands
Used For Purification & Cleansing.

This is a small sampling of the smudge sticks available everyday at Herbs and Heirlooms.

Most smudge sticks are available in different sizes and prices.

Sacred White Sage Smudge Stick
Blue Sage Smudge Stick
Black Sage Smudge Stick
Sage and Lavender Smudge Stick
Cedar Smudge Stick
Ultimate Smudge Three Sages
Sage and Rosemary Smudge Stick
Sierra Cedar Smudge Stick
Yerba Santa Sage Smudge Stick
Sage and Sweet Grass Smudge Stick
Dragons Blood Sage Smudge Stick

Palo Santo
Palo Santo wood is a rosy sweet-smelling
wood also known as Holy wood.

Large Smudging Feather
Gently sweep the smoke of sage or sweetgrass in the traditional way with this beautiful 13" feather, that has a hand wrapped tassled handle formed of brown leather at its base.
Barred Wing Feather
Striped in white and brown colors of woodland fowl, these genuine feathers are perfect for your smudging ritual, allowing you to sweep the smoke of your Sage or Sweetgrass in a more traditional way. As these are a product of nature, they come in various lengths.

Sacred White Incense Sage (Whole)  
White Sage, commonly called Sacred Sage, is the most sacred of all sages to the Native Americans. It is considered the purest of all medicinal sage plant varieties. Best used as a smuding tool in purification ceremonies.
Red Willow Bark
Native americans regard willows as being relatives of the 4 winds.
Used as an incense or an important ingredient in sacred smoking ceremonies.
Northwestern Flat Cedar Tips   
 Considered the 'tree of life' by many Northwest coast indigenous tribes, this tree has been greatly respected for its healing and spiritual powers. Cedar tips are burned at night to scare away ghosts and evil spirits. Other Uses: Luck, happiness, prosperity, wealth, success, home.
Ceremonial Juniper
 Used for purification and cleansing. Also makes a wonderful woodsy/piney incense.
Sweetgrass Braids
Many Native American tribes use sweetgrass in prayer, smudging or purifying ceremonies and consider it a sacred plant. Sweetgrass braids smolder and don't produce an open flame when burned. Sweetgrass is often burned at the beginning of a prayer or ceremony to attract positive energies.

Abalone Shell.
This beautiful abalone shell makes a fabulous container for burning loose herbal incenses, resins or smudge sticks. If using a charcoal tablet, you will need to put an inch of sand in the bottom of the shell to prevent the shell from getting too hot and burning you or the surface under the shell. Approx. 6"    As this is a natural product, color, size and shape may differ from photo.
PLEASE NOTE: Abalone shells naturally have holes around the edges. If you are not familiar with using a abalone shell for smudging and are concerned about the holes, we recommend using a scallop shell.
Scallop Shell.
These vintage scalloped shells were found in an old warehouse we were looking through a while back and they are in near pristine condition. Small label attached to shell says "Made in Japan". This dates them to the 1950s or early 1960s.
This beautiful scalloped shell makes a fabulous container for burning loose herbal incenses, resins or smudge sticks. We recommend placing a heat proof pad under the shell when burning anything in it. Or you place the shell on one of our tripod stands to protect the surface underneath. As this is a natural product, color, size and shape may differ from photo.
Wooden Tripod

Support your smudge bowl or shell on one of these attractive wooden tripod stands to protect the surface underneath. Approx. 6"    As this is a natural product, color, size and shape may differ from photo.

Resins & Charcoal
Packaged in Oxygen Barrier Bags to Protect Freshness
Benzoin Powder
Benzoin is a standard classic resin for incense burning.  It is smooth, fragrant and puts out a lot of smoke.
 Uses: Inspiration, love, peace, protection, tranquility.  
Celtic Blend  
A blend of multi-colored frankincense, myrrh, benzoin, & lavender.
Uses: Sacred rituals, protection, and purifying rituals.
Copal Oro
Used as an incense for its magical properties. Has a sweet aroma.
  Uses: Happiness, celebration, invocation, protection.
Dragon's Blood  
Chunk pieces of Dragon's Blood resin is ethereal, smooth, and produces lots of smoke.
It boosts the potency of other incense.
Uses: Strength, virility, victory,  celebrations, prosperity.  
Frankincense Tears   
Frankincense is one of the most valuable substances of history,
used for meditation, protection, purification, banishing, consecration, divination, exorcism.
Gum Arabic Powder
 As an incense resin it is used most often as a base or fixative for incense blends because its own scent is so light.  
Myrrh Resin Powder
 Myrrh was used by the Ancient Egyptians in their embalming process and
Myrrh resin is said to add potency to other resins.
Uses: Purification, scrying of images, calming of emotions.
Pinon Pine Resin is a favorite in the Native American and Wiccan traditions.
Uses: Banishing, luck, protection, inspiration.
When burned, it produces an subtle pine aroma and the lingering fragrance is of a pleasant sage.
Often used in place of pine or sage.
Uses: Love, Fidelity, Oaths, Clarity, Purification, Home, Friendship, Happiness.  
Charcoal Tablets For Burning Resins
The most popular tablet for burning resin incense. Instant lighting, super-pure burning, and long-lasting.
Available in 2 sizes. 30mm and 40mm.
Package of 10

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