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This website is for the customers who shop in our brick and mortar store in Terre Haute, IN.
We are constantly adding new products and have many additional unique items that are not listed on this website.
If you have never visited our shop or haven't visited in a while, come in and browse, you will find it's worth the trip.

Ritual Oils
For External Use Only!

Indio Oil

Adam and Eve Oil

Use this oil to heighten the love between yourself and your lover. Conversely, you can use it to bring your lover back to you if you have drifted apart or fought.
Attraction Oil

Better Business Oil

Use Better Business Oil to attract customers to your store
Commanding Oil

Come To Me Oil

Controlling Oil

To control a wayward lover.
Fast Luck Oil

Fast Money Oil

Used to bring needed cash fast.
Irresistible Oil

Makes the wearer very attractive and irresistible to the opposite sex.
Jinx Removing Oil

John The Conqueror Oil

Aids wearer in all endeavors, promotes mental abilities.
Love Me Oil

This four dram bottle of love me oil is used to attract the kind of love you desire in life, even from someone unaware of your affections.
Magnet Oil

Empowered to aid you in winning the one you love, this powerful oil is intended to be used in rituals or by itself in attracting the one you desire, and holding them to you like a magnet on iron.
Money Drawing Oil

Peaceful Home Oil

Help ensure that the energies that surround your house or apartment are those that help bring harmony and serenity with this Peaceful Home anointing oil.
Prosperity Oil

Attracts and draws luck and success in business deals and in gambling. Anoint your lucky charms with it, wear oil as a perfume when discussing financial matters.
Reversible Oil

This potent oil is intended to be used in reversing magick that has been worked upon you, or somebody else, and returning it back to the one who created it. This is often a preferred way to remove hexes curses and other such negative energies.
Spell Breaker Oil

If you feel someone has you jinxed or hexed, use Spell Breaker Oil to remove it
Unblocker Oil

This potent oil is designed to remove the obstacles of in your life, particularly if your attempts at love are continually being thwarted. Use it in ritual and spell to help find the key to the heart of the one you desire or otherwise open doors and paths in your life to happiness.

Anna Riva's Oil

Abra Melin Oil

Bends others to your will and leads them to obey your wishes.
Dragon's Blood Oil

Used both as an uncrossing oil and in protective blessings.
Hex Breaking Oil

Removes curses, hexes and alien forces.
High John Oil

High John Oil is a mystical blend created to help add some of the qualities of the magical high john root to your magical practice.
Lucky Lodestone Oil

Lodestone oil can help you use your lodestone to change bad luck to good and otherwise attract good fortune.
Mandrake Oil

Mandrake Oil can be used both to empower your protection spells to help turn away curses and negative energy as well as to empower curses and hexes.
St. Michael Oil

Used to help bring power to your spells, or otherwise help you conquer the obstacles and challenges before you.
Voodoo Oil

Voodoo oil is a potent crossing oil born of Haitian influence. Use it in powerful curses to help you destroy the powers of your enemy.

Terre Haute House Postcard. 7th & Wabsh Ave. NE Corner.
Opened - July 2, 1928. Closed - July 4, 1979. Demolished - December 28, 2005.

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