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Alligator Claw


Carrying an alligator claw gives you the winning edge for all types of gambling.
Bat's Head Root


Bats Head Root, bearing an uncanny resemblance to the head of a bat, is said to be of great use in obtaining your wishes.
Bat's Eye


The charm of a Bat Eye is a powerful source of protection against evil forces and harm. Use it in your rituals to ward off curses, evil magic, and hexes.
Bat's Heart Root


Bat Heart Root is said to attract good luck for games of chance. Not a real bat's heart, no bats were harmed.
Florida Water 7.5 fl. oz.

Kananga Water

Kananga water is a sweet smelling cologne commonly used in Santeria, Hoodoo and other magickal practices and is used for its cleansing and protective effects against negative energies.

4 Thieves Vinegar

Use in banishing & protection rituals and spells.

2 oz. $4.95
4 oz. $7.95
4 oz Holy Water


Holy Water is water that has been blessed. It is widely popular in use in baptism, consecration and ritual, and can be used to drive away evil.
Lucky Hand Root


This somewhat rare herb has a reputation within magical tradition for bringing good luck and protecting its own from harm.
War Water (4oz)

Use War Water to gain protection or help launch magical attacks. War Water can be used to anoint the self or the home, offering powerful magic.

Sea Horse

Used for protection.

Wolf''s Eye


The "wolf's eye" is a powerful addition to magic intended to protect against curses, spells, and negative attention.
Wolf''s Heart


To gain protection from the good spirits carry a wolf's heart with you.
Mojo Beans


High quality and energetically consecrated spell & ritual components. Made in Canada. Label printed in English & French. Good for Wishing, Luck, Desires & Fulfillment. 38 g. Includes free pouch for carrying beans with you.
Coffin Nails (5)


Coffin nails are known for their ability to add potency to spells and rituals. Energetically charged, these nails are especially useful for banishment, uncrossing, reversing and protection.
Water Buffalo Tooth

$0.99 each

These genuine water buffalo teeth are a great aid in magical devices and talismans intended to grant strength and stamina.
Skeleton Key

$3.95 each

The Romans used skeleton keys as a symbol of Janus, the god of doorways. (He kept out unwanted energy from the home). The Greeks used the keys as a symbol of the goddess Hecate, (she unlocked the mysteries of magick). Charge a skeleton key with positive energy when you are looking to pass from an old situation to a new one.Useful for initiation ceremonies. Styles vary. Picked at random.
Metal Horse Shoe

$9.95 each

The horseshoe has long been known as one of the most famous good luck charms. Horseshoes may be hung with the ends pointing upwards, to hold in the luck of the household or with the ends pointing downwards to let the luck pour down on the household.

Black Obsidian Arrowheads (4)


Black obsidian is a very grounding & protective stone. Use these arrowheads in spells to bring what is hidden so it may be transformed. It is used in rituals to cut unwanted links between people. Place 1 black obsidian arrowhead at each corner of your home for protection.
Worry Dolls


Worry dolls, also known as "trouble dolls" are tiny colorful dolls that you whisper your worries to before you go to bed, allowing them to do your worrying for you while you sleep.

Lodestones are natural magnets and have been traditionally used to charge spell items. They have been used for centuries to attract good luck and to repel bad luck. May be used in charm bags to bring good luck, prosperity or healing. Add lodestone food to amplify positive energy.

Small (3/8-1/2 oz.) $4.95
Medium (5/8-1 oz.) $5.95
Large (1 1/8-1 3/4 oz.) 6.95
Extra Large (1 7/8-3 oz.) $7.95
Lodestone Food

2 oz.     $3.95

Traditionally iron filings are used to "feed" Lodestones. Add to charm bag to rejuvenate and increase Lodestone's natural properties. Add to ritual magick and charm bags to ensure continued good luck, prosperity and healing.

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